Keep Your Vehicle Moving by Maintaining Your Belts and Hoses

You have a lot going on under the hood of your car. There are many systems that keep your car, truck, or SUV moving forward. One thing that you don't want to overlook are your belts and hoses. These might seem like some pretty small and possibly unimportant items, but the reality is that they serve a major role in keeping your engine moving.

Servicing them is quick and easy, even for those with little experience. At minimum, you want to check any and all belts and hoses for signs of wear and tear. Press on them and see if any cracks appear. This will happen with every hose and belt in every vehicle at some point in time, so don't panic if you do find some. Keep an eye on them and when you see cracks that are starting to look significant enough that they could cause a failure, then it is time to have them changed out.

Our service department here at DCH Audi Oxnard in Oxnard, CA are experts in this, and are happy to help you get this done if it is something that you are not comfortable doing at home. Come and see us today!

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