Horse Power vs. Horsepower

Horsepower is a unit of measurement that is used to judge the strength of an automobile. In the early 1800s, James Watt, inventor of this unit, deduced that 1 mining horse could do 22,000 foot-pounds of work per minute. When someone says 1 horsepower, they don't mean the power of one adult horse. What they actually mean is the power to move 550 pounds a distance of one foot in one second. So when we buy a car that's 400 the math. It's mind blowing.

Horsepower measures the speed and strength of your car, so the higher the horsepower, the stronger and faster the car and better performance. This is why the term horsepower is used with athletes because it describes strength and speed. This information will make you view your car differently and give you a better understanding of the power that you have under your hood. Discover a car or SUV with ample horsepower in our Audi Oxnard showroom today!

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