The Audi A3 Has Advanced Safety Tools

Because simple errors can lead to major collisions on the road, the Audi team has developed a variety of safety tools for the most common driving situations. By operating an Audi A3, you can experience how many of the main technologies can boost everyone's safety on the road.

Radars are very dependable on the road, as they can scan the surroundings using sensors. Audi vehicles use a radar system to detect cars and objects that could possibly damage key exterior automotive components. The Audi A3 has various trims that use the latest radar technology to power the forward collision warning system. This system provides an alert once an automobile or object on the road is within a certain range.

Braking tools are important because they reduce high velocities that could cause a collision on the road, and this is why the Audi A3 has an emergency braking tool. This technology will activate the brake automatically so that a driver can avoid a possible collision during emergency braking situations.

DCH Audi Oxnard provides test drives in the Audi A3 so that consumers can experience how the technologies provide benefits on road. We serve many locals in a variety of locations throughout Oxnard and surrounding areas.

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