One of the more significant issues associated with vehicle dynamics involves oversteering and understeering. Oversteering occurs when a car turns more widely than is expected based on a steering wheel maneuver. Understeering involves a situation in which a vehicle makes a smaller or lesser turn than anticipated based on the use of the steering wheel.

Oversteering is associated with rear-wheel drive vehicles. Understeering is associated with front-wheel-drive cars. Not appreciating the extent of oversteering and understeering can be problematic when it comes to driving in Oxnard, CA and elsewhere.

A person is only able to understand the specific dynamics of a particular vehicle by getting behind the steering wheel, according to the professional team at DCH Audi Oxnard. If you're in the market for a new car, a test drive is important. Through a test drive, you are able to ascertain whether a car oversteers or understeers.

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